It's a Goofy World

Goofy Smarty Pants Marketing is a full service Marketing and Public Relations Company servicing the United States with a smile. Our company BELIEVES with all the passion in our hearts that Giving Back to the PEOPLE is a very important element of every human's life and every company's foundation. We practice this concept with every account we service by teaming up our clients with charities. Our clients receive the MOST creative marketing products available. Simultaneously they can feel good because they have helped change lives in the process by giving back. When Goofiness, Giving Back, and Creative Minds impact... and Explosion of Complete Success is the result!!!

A Letter from Miss Goofy Smarty Pants

President and Visionary

"ONE STEP can change a journey.. ONE MOMENT can change a life.. ONE SMILE can change a day...and ONE DOLLAR can Impact lives..."

I have always believed that the struggles one goes through in life builds us as individuals into the person we are today. I also believe that the greatest reward anyone can ever get in this world is to pay it forward and help others.. Life is NOT about us. It is about how we impact other lives.

A few short years ago while dealing with my divorce and being a single mom of my munchkins, Goofy me started being the social bunny I am and talking to others in my community. I started planning events and teaming up charities with them. I became so passionate about making a difference in their lives. Helping others and charities are intoxicating to me. Seeing the smiles that it produces and the difference it makes in the lives of already amazing people is one of the greatest reward I have ever been blessed with.

So my goofy journey took me to working with Disney, NASCAR and IRL Racing Teams and corporations nationwide. The product that explodes from creative marketing fusing together with businesses and multiple charities is highly impactful. This product feeds my passion to make a difference and has become my mission in life. One by one companies in crazy ways found me and loved the result and the incredible impact it had on their event or business. The fact that creating a website, booking an event, obtaining an endorsement, or simply printing the signage that you need can be inexpensive and make a difference. Our Crazy Creative Marketing has an Irresistible Impact.

The surprise birth of Goofy Smarty Pants : Marketing and Promotions is producing "outside the box" marketing for the future. Along the amazing journey I have ran into "consciously crazy" goofballs who have aligned themselves with Goofy Smarty Pants mission. With Passion to help people and a mind that has no boundaries ... Complete Success Is Inevitable!

OH Wait... Can't leave you wondering about the crazy name! So after my divorce I made up Miss Goofy Smarty Pants for my my social networking site MySpace. Well with Me being the Goofball that I am and through creative crazy marketing ideas I came up with people I didn't even know started recognizing me as Miss Goofy Smarty Pants. And sooo over time it was fate that came to be.. and why not!!! It caught your attention! More people should GET GOOFY and GIVE BACK!!!